Arnon Grunberg



Richmond, VA.
A kind Uber driver picked me up at the Amtrak Station and spoke to me about a local radio station that was collecting money for Christ and the radio station itself.
He said: "I love Christ, but this not the right time to collect money for him and the radio station."
I walked around through downtown Richmond, but since there were not too many pedestrians outside I decided to return to my hotel an hour or two before sunset.
Salmon or steak could be picked up at the bar before 9 PM. Wine was served in plastic Starbucks cups, but the good news: because of the crisis it was always happy hour. Happy hour never stopped.
Tomorrow, May 29, I'll be in Charleston, SC.
I don't know why, but I expect a lot from Charleston.
If anybody wants to show me around in Charleston send me an e-mail: Of course I can do it by myself, but like other people count on God I still count on the locals. Dinner should be possible as well, since restaurants are open in Charleston.

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