Arnon Grunberg

On a Thursday night

Why I'm doing this?

Tonight I had a reading at Borders Bookstore in New York, my first event in the US for “The Jewish Messiah”.
While drinking an espresso in the bookstore I thought once again: why I’m doing this? But I have been told that experienced actors still ask themselves the same question shortly before going on stage.
The Borders-guy seemed to be happy about the reading, and for a reading in a bookstore in New York it went well.
My agent had told me: “When it comes to readings in New York you have to organize your own audience.” A fair amount of the audience was organized.
A woman seated in the front row asked a question about Jesus.
It was somehow moving to see Lori Berenson’s parents in the audience. Not that I didn’t appreciate the other people coming to a bookstore on a Thursday night.