Arnon Grunberg

Foul mouth

Droit de senny?

“Of course I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure that bloggers have fouler mouths, tougher hides, and cooler thesauruses than most of the people I've read in print. Here's a sampling of words gleaned from some of my favorite blogs: anyhoo, bitchitude, fan-fucking-tabulous, hole-esque, nastified, alternapop, coffin-snatching, YouTube-ization, touzing, Daddio, manky, nutters, therapised, Boo-Ya Nation, dildopreneur, dudely, flava, haz-mat, nut sac, sexbot, underwearian, fugly, vomit-y, consciousness-jumped, tear-assed, fetbryo, grapetastically, mommyblogdaciousness, Nero-crazy, Engrish, pidginized, votenfreude, angsty, malgovernment, bejesus, JumboTron, man-dresses, babe-aliciousness, droit de senny.”

This is a quote from an interesting article by Sarah Boxer in the last issue of the New Review of Books.
I must say that I’m not sure about the meaning of “droit de senny.” Something in the line of droit de seigneur? This is not say that I’m sure about the meaning of many of the other terms mentioned above.

I remember being greeted by a woman working for Words Without Borders with: “Ah, there is our blogger.” I thought this was fairly condescending.
I’m not a blogger and I’m not foul-mouthed.