Arnon Grunberg

For the worse

The absence of meaning

To celebrate my birthday I went to see “Valmont” at the MOMA.
It’s hard, probably impossible to compete with John Malkovich as Vicomte de Valmont, but Colin Firth did a fairly good job.
Compared to the movie by Stephen Frears Milos Forman’s adaptation of “Dangerous Liasions” is lighter, funnier, slightly less impressive but also less obviously moralistic.
There is something refreshing about Forman’s cynicism, and insightful not to forget.
The question if men can change is answered concisely with: “Yes, for the worse.” Forman seems to make the point that the absence of meaning (i.e. the naked game) is meaningful as well. You need something to live for, but what exactly is utterly unimportant.
And don’t forget: never get married to your lover.