Arnon Grunberg

A creature of habit

Being ritualized

Recently I told a friend that I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning. Then the friend asked: “Are you that ritualized about all your meals?” A fair question I have to admit.
I don’t think I’m that ritualized, but to give an example: I like going on Saturday afternoon to my cobbler on Lexington and 92nd.
Even when I don’t really need to go there I look for a pair of shoes that can be somehow repaired.
After the cobbler I used to go to Nicole’s on 60th between Madison and 5th for lunch. But Nicole’s closed shop in December.
Now on the corner of 92nd and Lexington there is an excellent Italian restaurant called Sfoglia. It’s hard to get in, especially for dinner but usually for lunch they have a space for me at the bar.
During the summer some of the waiters were a little bit haughty, but the current staff is extremely pleasant and so is the food.