Arnon Grunberg



Tonight, I was three hours on the air of Woodstock 104, a small radio station with the slogan: Progressive Talk and More.
The show I was on was titled: The Woodstock Truth Squad with Steve Romine.
My performance – if that’s the right word – is research for a series of articles about contemporary believers, contrarians and other more or less responsible citizens.

The couple I met today was caring and warmhearted. They had prepared a delicious meal for me, and shortly before midnight they drove me back to my hotel.
I don’t believe we agreed on everything (John F. Kennedy, 5G, Wi-Fi to name just a few) but my fascination was only growing.

And I didn’t detect fury, just stubbornness.

At the end of the evening Steve said: ‘You asked me what I am, I am a Christian.’

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