Arnon Grunberg

Central Station


The event in Frankfurt – reading, interview but no Q & A – took place in the waiting room of the Central Station in Frankfurt am Main.
Every first Sunday of the month at 11 AM a literary event is being organized in this particular and fairly spacious waiting room. The Deutsche Bahn, the German Railway, is not an active sponsor of this event, it’s merely tolerating it. As the interviewer said to me: “What more can you expect from a conglomerate as the German Railway?” The event, reading, signing, and interview, seemed to be pleasant for the travelers waiting in the waiting room and for all those who came to listen to the reading.
A fair amount of regulars show up here every first Sunday of the month.
I’m pleased to give the event an 8.5.
Tonight I had dinner in Düsseldorf with my CPA. We spoke about the future. My CPA urged me to remain hopeful and positive.