Arnon Grunberg



When I was a kid my father often went to Düsseldorf for business. The real content of his business remains a mystery to me and also to the rest of my family. He left early in the morning and he came back late at night, always with “Kuchen” – German pastry. Both my parents worshipped German pastry. My father used to buy these pastries in a bakery named Heinemann.
Heinemann is still famous in Düsseldorf and its surroundings, it might not be the hippest place in town but it is definitely worth a visit.
After the reading tonight I received a small package from Heinemann. Already only for that reason the event in Mönchengladbach will be rewarded with an 8.
Also two friends, or maybe I should say acquaintances, from the Netherlands showed up. One of these two guys is very impatient – during the Q&A I saw him pacing up and down. I wonder how he is able to read a book.