Arnon Grunberg



On the picture: my bed in Budapest. My last bed during this couch surfing trip. I returned safely to New York. Though the overall experience was so positive that I decided to go couch surfing again next year, but then in Africa.
On the pictures below you will find my friend and travel companion Sander, very happy after having eaten a schnitzel in the dining car from Salzburg to Budapest -- the talkative Judith from Vienna with whom I shared a room on Sunday and finally Sander sleeping on the train after having wolfed down his schnitzel. I appreciate a healthy appetite.
Also I’m happy that the feedback on the couch surfing site on me as a guest is generally positive. Only our host in Prague wrote that she was disappointed that I didn’t turn out to be a dentist.
Call me cheesy, but I very much like to introduce myself as a dentist before sleeping on the couch of a stranger.