Arnon Grunberg

Con man


Second day of rehearsals for a dance performance, which will premiere in Theater Bellevue in Amsterdam in February. After a run though today, kind of run through, let’s say dancing for an hour, I scribbled down a few notes afterwards, a request from the choreographer Nicole Beutler:

‘I felt like a con man, but it was a pleasant feeling.
The others were liberated. I’m not sure whether we should liberate ourselves.
The madness (uncontrolled movements) comes closer.
The body cannot be separated from the name and the history that is connected to the body.
There is no story.
Dancing is pleasing others, but so are many other social activities.
Once again, I felt that that the body is a dog that needs to be domesticated.
The diapers are our future and our past.
There is tenderness in between.’

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