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On the deal - Reuters:

'The United States aims to respond soon to a draft agreement proposed by the European Union that would bring back the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran that former President Donald Trump abandoned and current President Joe Biden has sought to revive.

Naftali Bennett also commented on the looming deal, calling on Biden to "avoid signing the deal with Iran – even now at the last moment." The deal, Bennett said, "would see trillions of dollars flow into the coffers of a regime that promotes terror throughout the region."

Israel, Bennett added, "is not bound to the agreement either way, is not beholden to any restrictions it may impose and will act to prevent any advancement of Iran's nuclear program."

Earlier today, a U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, said that although Tehran has been saying Washington has made concessions, Iran has dropped some of its key demands.'


'"We think they have finally crossed the Rubicon and moved toward possibly getting back into the deal on terms that President Biden can accept," the official added. "If we are closer today, it's because Iran has moved. They conceded on issues that they have been holding onto from the beginning."

Iran's foreign ministry had no immediate comment.

Iran had already largely relented on its demand that the United States lift its designation of the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization, the official said.'

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As I mentioned before, the war against Ukraine and the slow disappearance of Russia as reliable provider of gas and petrol made it much more palatable to deal with Saudi-Arabia or Iran. You can have only one big enemy.

Iran appears to be wise enough to recognize that this is the moment to strike a deal. Nobody is interested in a major war at the moment, almost everybody is interested in death by a thousand cuts. Including a dead if necessary.

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