Arnon Grunberg



On the stakes – Edsall in NYT:

‘While many voters disagree with the progressive movement, especially in its more cultural and identitarian forms, many more agree with its redistributive agenda: the reduction of inequality through the transfer of income, wealth and opportunity to middle- and working-class America. The stakes in this struggle could not be higher.’

Read the article in tis entirety here.

I mostly agree with what Edsall and his experts are saying. But allt his doesn’t explain why local Trumpism (or rightwing extremism) is rather big in Western Europe as well. Where safety nets and social security are mostly still beyond the wildest dreams of Bernie.

Give me more social security and I won’t be seduced by Trump as his allies.

It’s almost too comforting.

And if this is the corner stone of liberal democracy, I understand better why its enemies are so convinced of their victory.

We will bribe you so you will vote for the right parties.
The voter as an underpaid mercenary.

Then indeed, all we can do is to postpone the Apocalypse.

Bribe us better.

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