Arnon Grunberg



I cannot remember when I have been first to Sushi Yasuda.
It must have been 2000.
I loved it for a certain coldness, it’s so bright in Sushi Yasuda that you should be able to spot the bacteria in your sushi, but the quality of the fish was always beyond any doubt. No bacteria at all. Unfortunately as time went by, it was impossible to get in without a reservation, even at the bar.

Perhaps because Eric Asimov wrote in 2011 in NYT: ‘For better or worse, most people arrive with their own distractions: friends, loved ones, business companions. They may dine in small groups of four or six at the handful of tables, or in twos at the bar. I have done that myself, but I’ve come to believe that Yasuda is best enjoyed solo, at the bar.’

Read the review here.

Yesterday I returned with my son, sixteen months old and my girlfriend, his mother. The child was a challenge for the staff. They were not unfriendly, they just seemed to be afraid that he would desecrate the sushi. Sushi Yasuda is more a temple than a restaurant. He didn’t desecrate anything, he just enjoyed himself.

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