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On the arsonist – Pfeffer in Haaretz:

‘As Netanyahu said in his statement on Thursday in which he pretended to be willing to listen to the opposition and the protest movement against his “legal reform,” while making clear that the legislation will move ahead as planned. “I’m all in now,” he said. He’s all in, despite the attorney-general warning him that his intervention was a clear conflict of interest and therefore illegal. All in, despite the warnings that this legislation is a threat to national security. All in despite the warnings of Israel’s entire financial and business community that it will damage the economy to the tune of hundreds of billions of shekels. All despite a majority of Israelis in all public opinion polls clearly opposing the constitutional changes being pushed through by his government.
This is Netanyahu like he’s never been before. Gone is the risk-averse and pragmatic prime minister who even his rivals admitted didn’t “play games with national security.” Benjamin Netanyahuat 73 is now the pyromaniac-in-chief of a government of arsonists prepared to set the country alight just so they can bulldoze the hated judiciary and establish their own hegemony.’

Read the article here.

What’s happening in Israel tonight is unprecedented, actually what is happening there the last twelve was already unprecedented.

It’s very close to a revolution and as I said before, it’s a revolution to maintain the status quo.
But as revolutions go, the outcome might be completely different.
Sooner or later, what’s happening now in Israel will revive the debate about the occupied territories and the Palestinians. All the Palestinians have to do for now is: watch and be silent.

Nothing would help Netanyahu more than the external enemy once again knocking on the door.

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