Arnon Grunberg


The return of a sweater

Comfort can be found in a dry cleaner. I have two dry cleaners as I stated here once before, one around the corner and another one, for more precious (or extremely dirty) clothes, uptown.
The one uptown, called Fashion Award Cleaners, delivers early in the morning. Sometimes this dry cleaner keeps, let’s say, a dress for more than six weeks. I’m not sure what dry cleaners do for six weeks with one dress, but I believe that it’s part of their charm.
In January 2008 I gave them a sweater, which on my trip to Peru, Bolivia and Chile got dirty with blood or something that very much looked like blood.
The sweater was never returned to me and I gave up on it completely, but early Friday morning the sweater came back home.
I like my dry cleaner to be like a casino, or like love for that matter: you win some, you lose some.