Arnon Grunberg


Cut in two

Claude Chabrol’s movie “A Girl Cut in Two” (La fille coupée en deux) is about a weather girl on a news show in the region of Lyon who falls in love with an older writer.
Mr. Chabrol does not attempt to be realistic.
According to Manohla Dargis in The Times the weather girl is being corrupted by two men, “but it is the larger world, with its cruelties, pettiness and lack of tenderness, that almost does her in.” I’m not sure.
The “dirty” games the older writer is playing with the weathergirl seem to me more innocent and pathetic than truly perverse.
Besides money, class, sex and fame the movie is about the power of jealousy and the lesson it offers is the same I heard when I visited LA for the first time in 98: “Don’t fall in love.” I have to say I almost fell in love with Ludivine Sagnier.