Arnon Grunberg


Looking back

Last night after my second class a student approached me while I was waiting for my taxi.
“Can I ask you something, Mr. Grunberg?” the student asked.
“Of course,” I answered.
“It was intense,” she said, “but some of your questions were personal. It felt like being in therapy from time to time.” I answered: “I don’t know how to speak about reading and writing without acknowledging that it is a personal experience. And discussing a text is a personal thing to do as well. Asking for a definition of let’s say power is already a personal question. But please alert me next time when you feel I cross a border."
I must admit that her comment made me feel insecure for a few minutes.
On the other hand I had warned the students. Before I started my first class I said: “You are looking at me, but I look back at you.”