Arnon Grunberg


I love you mom

“I can see her little buttocks,” a boy with curly hair shouted.
This morning I went to my godson’s school to read for half an hour from a children’s book.
Every Friday morning the school invites parents or other family members to read for the class.
My godson didn’t want his mother to join us. I must admit I was fairly nervous.
Fathers and mothers introduced themselves to me.
First I read a story about a frog, a rat and a hare.
The boy with curly said about the frog: “He is smelling out of his ass.” Two girls were rubbing my legs while I was reading.
Another boy was not able to say good-bye to his mother. He shouted through the window: “I love you mom, I love you so much.” After half an hour I left the school completely bewildered.