Arnon Grunberg

Heavy machinery

Uninhibited conviviality

While I was trying to work my godson and his mother were watching the movie “Mama Mia!”. A. O. Scott started his review in the NY Times with this paragraph: “Even those of us who habitually favor serious, austere, aesthetically correct drinks — single-malt Scotch, green tea, pomegranate juice, whatever — may occasionally indulge in a frivolous cocktail bedecked with fruit and umbrellas and served in a bulbous, sugar-rimmed glass. The next morning’s headache seems a small price to pay for the rush of cheap liquor and uninhibited conviviality. As long as you don’t operate heavy machinery or wake up in the wrong bed, or operate heavy machinery in the wrong bed, what’s the harm?” I had half an eye on the tv while working and I have to admit: I adored Meryl Streep as Donna. Pierce Brosnan never did much for me, but Mr. Brosnan singing Abba songs is something I will still remember on my 84th birthday.