Arnon Grunberg

Reading group

Juicy details

This morning I had an appointment with the Iraqi ambassador to the Netherlands.
His secretary told me: “A documentary is being made about the life of the ambassador. Do you mind if your conversation with him will be taped?” “Not at all,” I said.
The ambassador was a friendly man. He said to me: “So you are going to visit our country. Excellent idea! Many people on the left opposed the war, and now they are blind to the realities of Iraq.” After this meeting I went to a high school in Rijswijk to meet three Muslim girls (with headscarves). They belong to a reading group (actually they are the reading group) that is currently reading my novel “Our Uncle.” We spoke about my work, love, boyfriends, juicy details and romanticism.
I regretted that I could not stay any longer.