Arnon Grunberg

Balmy day

Zoning laws

On this balmy day I took the train to Dobbs Ferry for a walk in the woods. Well, woods. Nature.
From Dobbs Ferry to Irvington it’s just forty minutes by feet.
My godson and his mother accompanied me on this walk. To be honest without them I would not have done this.
In a pizzeria in Dobbs Ferry I was immersed in small town America.
The pizza baker shouted through his store that his son was kidnapped at age two. And that everybody in Dobbs Ferry knew about this. Later the boy nearly drowned. The kid was only nine years old but these nine years felt for the father as twenty nine years.
Suddenly, god knows why, I was reminded of an article in the newspaper about zoning laws for pedophiles. Sex offenders cannot live live within 1,000 feet of day care centers, community centers, places of worship, libraries and recreational facilities.
I’m not a sex offender, and have no intentions of becoming one. But I’d love my house to be a place of worship. In the spirit of Jesus I would like to announce that every Friday from 6 to 8 pm it’s happy hour for sex offenders. Buy a drink get one free.