Arnon Grunberg


Small details

Some details: I have two dry cleaners and one cleaner, which I use solely for wash & fold.
Fashion Award Cleaners I use for the more expensive clothes and suits etcetera. Merit cleaners around the corner is used for all the other clothes. And there is a cleaner to which I send my underwear, socks, sheets and towels.
When the godson is here, his clothes are washed there as well. I would love to dry clean the clothes of a toddler, but his mother, stingy as ever, claims that there is a limit.
I don’t know the name of this launderette. I just have a phone number. I call the launderette, after a few hours a guy shows up, collect the wash & fold and returns it within 24 or 48 hours.
But lately the management over there must have changed.
A woman, or maybe a man with a high voice, pretends not to understand when I speak about wash & fold.
Only when I give my phone number he or she says: “We cannot pick up today.” So I ask, “when can you pick up?” The voice says: “Don’t know, Grunberg.” This is getting me nowhere, I say, “listen, I need my wash & fold back soon. Please pick up today.” The guy who comes to pick up is so nice. He doesn’t have all his teeth. I tip him always as much as I have to pay the launderette.
It’s the damned guilt that is haunting me.