Arnon Grunberg
New York - PEN World Voices Festival
New York - PEN World Voices Festival image

Arnon Grunberg spoke at three events of the PEN World Voices Festival in New York in 2007.
During a meeting called 'Dirty wars' Arnon Grunberg read one of his articles about his visit to Guant√°namo Bay in January 2007.
Grunberg also joined two discussions, one about the future of journalism and the second about humor.
Theme of the festival was 'Home and Away'.

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Left: Home and Away, a program book to present the Dutch authors attending PEN World Voices. It features a part of Arnon Grunberg's Among Soldiers.
Presented by The Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature.

Photos by: Gloria Reuben (above) and Beowolf Sheehan