Arnon Grunberg


Alive and kicking

Notwithstanding other reports, the theater of the absurd is alive and kicking: 'The meeting in Midtown Manhattan was the first annual shareholder event since Philip Morris split off its international unit last year as a separate business from the American tobacco operations.
Louis C. Camilleri, the chairman of Philip Morris International, noted that profits rose from a range of price increases, even as sales of cigarette units were virtually flat.
While many in the audience of about 200 shareholders seemed pleased with the data, about 30 dissidents in the room used the event to protest smoking’s toll.
One woman asked for a minute of silence for people who died last year from smoking-related causes.
The ballroom fell silent.
Then Mr. Camilleri said, “Thank you” and took the next question, from a supportive shareholder, whom he promised handsome dividends,’ writes Duff Wilson in yesterday’s Times.