Arnon Grunberg



On Saturday afternoon I bought I new pair of glasses. I like Alain Mikli a lot, so I went to their shop on Madison Avenue and 77th Street and I picked a pair of frames I liked.
The woman who was selling me the frames was very kind, French, and pregnant.
When she heard my first name she said: “This is a beautiful name. I have to discuss your name with my husband.”

A day later I received an e-mail from this woman with an invitation to come to an “encore presentation” of an exhibition at a gallery. I was surprised but flattered.
The exhibition featured work by the painter Arnaud and the sculptor Polles.
I sent an e-mail back with the question: “Will you be there as well?” She replied: “Yes, I will be there.”

Yesterday afternoon I went to the exhibition.
The pregnant woman offered me a glass of champagne. In the presence of a few other visitors we lingered around for an hour or so. I liked some of the sculptures a lot.
Then I went to the movies.
And I thought about the French writer Henri de Montherlant who wrote that on the next street corner the adventure of your life might be waiting for you.