Arnon Grunberg



I’m a fan of the Dardenne brothers. Their latest movie is “Lorna’s silence”. I saw “Lorna’s silence” one day after having seen “Import Export”.
Both movies deal with the problems that arise when women from Eastern Europe (Ukraine in “Import Export”; Albania in “Lorna’s silence”) immigrate (illegally) to Western Europe.
“Import Export" is a more interesting movie than “Lorna’s silence” but I don’t know of any other moviemaker that so relentlessly focuses on the subproletariat as the Dardenne brothers do.
A friend asked me: “Why is it called 'Lorna’s silence'?" I’m not sure about that. “Lorna’s Pregnancy” would have been a more accurate title, but a title of course doesn’t need to be accurate.
Both movies make clear that closing the borders is an open invitation for human trafficking and other sorts of exploitation.