Arnon Grunberg



In the summer of 2003 I traveled with a goat through the Netherlands, part of the promotion tour for my book “The Asylum Seeker”.
I had promised to rescue the goat from the slaughterhouse, she was due to be slaughtered somewhere in 2008, but I forgot to keep my promise.
Now I can save a lamb named Hasan.
It is living on a farm not far from The Hague, The Netherlands.
I cannot keep Hasan in my apartment in New York and my mother in Amsterdam is not willing to share her garden with a sheep.
I’m ready to buy Hasan, and I’m willing to pay for his food and his medical assistance, currently he is extremely healthy, but I’m looking for a decent house for Hasan.
If you are seriously interested in taking care of Hasan, please leave a comment on this site.