Arnon Grunberg


Superabundant supply

‘Like “Happy-Go-Lucky,” though on a somewhat larger scale, “Another Year” is about the unequal distribution of happiness. Why do some people — like Tom and Gerri, the post-’60s 60-something couple at the center of this episodic story — seem to have an inexhaustible, even superabundant supply, while others seem unable to acquire even the smallest portion?’ writes A.O. Scott in the Times about Mike Leigh’s movie “Another Year”.

Most of the acting is superb, but I’m not as enthusiastic about this movie as A.O. Scott is.

Yes, this movie is also about class consciousness and the social realism is powerful, but in order to care about the dilemma why happiness is unequally distributed you need some drama.

Perhaps the biggest achievement of this movie is that in the end the difference between happiness and unhappiness is fading away.
Happiness is just another form of unhappiness.