Arnon Grunberg



This morning around 8 o’clock I slipped into a bathrobe and went downstairs to the swimming pool. Badhotel Domburg has a rather small but nevertheless pleasant swimming pool. Since I try to infiltrate the promiscuous world of actors this summer I decided that I should take good care of my body.
When I was about to enter the pool a swimming octogenarian shouted in German: “Take a shower. Yesterday you jumped into the pool without taking a shower. It gives me the creeps.” His wife, who was also swimming, whispered: “Hugo.” Or perhaps his name was Heinz. Or Hermann. Or Hans – something with an “h” at least.
“Excuse me,” I said in German.
“Take a shower,” the man shouted again.
I was flabbergasted. I sat down on of the chaises longues and stared at the swimming octogenarian for at least ten minutes.