Arnon Grunberg

Middle Ages

Lewd & lascivious

A civilization can be judged by the way it treats its criminals, its outlaws and its patients.
Today The New York Times reports: “Five convicted sex offenders are living under a noisy highway bridge with the state’s grudging approval because an ordinance intended to keep predators away from children has made it nearly impossible for them to find housing.
The conditions are a consequence of laws prohibiting sex offenders from living near schools, parks and other places children gather. Miami-Dade County’s 2005 ordinance says sex offenders must live at least 2,500 feet from schools.”

Please note that these people did time for their crimes.

The New York Times writes: “Mr. Diaz was sentenced in 2005 to three years’ probation for lewd and lascivious conduct involving a girl under 16.”

Lewd and lascivious, that can mean many things.

If we are comfortable with forcing sex offenders to live under bridges, and have the nerve to call this “protection of our children”, then we are comfortable with living in the Middle Ages.

And do not think there is no link between this bridge in Florida and the detention centers at Guantánamo Bay.