Arnon Grunberg



The other day I was taking a stroll in Stephen’s Green, Dublin, I passed a couple of schoolboys in uniform. One of the boys said loudly: “Nice ass.” Nobody else was in the vicinity, I looked around and the boy repeated: “Nice ass.” Probably he was making fun of me, but I could not remember that a stranger had ever commented on my ass. Not even to humiliate me. As far as I know no girlfriend has commented on my ass and even my mother remained stubbornly silent on this topic.
I continued my stroll, first I thought: Is something wrong with my ass? Has the time come that schoolboys are making fun of my buttocks? But then I decided that he genuinely liked my ass. Because that was too vain I started toying with the possibility that the schoolboy was a young Dadaist. Anyhow, from now on I’ll welcome comments on my ass.

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