Arnon Grunberg

A bit


Shortly after checking in at the Dubai International Hotel I decided to use the special discount coupon and I made a reservation for Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage ($115 for an hour without discount). The lady at the front desk asked: “Do you mind a male masseur?” “Not at all,” I answered.
The masseur was a handsome Indonesian. His hands were soft and his voice was pleasant.
Then I went back to my room and I ordered room service.
The Dubai International Hotel is located inside the airport; if you want to stay at this hotel you don’t have to pass immigration, from a judicial point of view you do not enter Dubai.
I remember the airport hotel in Johannesburg, another surrealistic experience. When I entered my room a cleaning lady was sitting on a chair. “I’m resting a bit,” she said.
Perhaps I should try to visit all airport hotels in the world in the next five years or so. A permanent resident in an airport hotel, that's also nomadism.

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