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Today I had lunch with Till Lindemann, the lead vocalist of the German band Rammstein.
Officially I was doing an interview with Lindemann, but having lunch with him is a much better description of the activities that took place between 12:10 p.m. and 1:35 p.m. at hotel de l’Europe in Amsterdam.
The occasion was the publication of the Dutch translation of Lindemann’s collection of poetry. Lindemann turned out to be an amiable fellow and his poems are better than mosts texts that pass for poetry these days.

This interview in Playboy with Lindemann is worth reading

“Lindemann: I have a lot of children.

Playboy: With how many women?

Lindemann: With a lot.

Playboy: Why did those relationships never work?

Lindemann: Because the feeling was missing, I never dared to be bound. Therefore I always was the one who was left and I always was totally shocked. But every time I realized: she’s right! The only good thing about this was that every time I was left the pain was a big push for my creativity.

Playboy: Were you faithful?

Lindemann: Never. I always have thought I had to fuck in advance, for the bad times maybe to come. It was quite a jumble of one-night-stands and affairs.”

(Read it here.)

Once again, Lindemann says something that is so true. We fuck to procreate or we fuck in advance. Or both at the same time.

N.B. The byline should say "Amsterdam" instead of "New York."

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