Arnon Grunberg



This afternoon I went to the town of Soesterberg not far from the city of Utrecht to take part in an experiment.
I was reading my new novella “Het Bestand” (The File) while being connected to electrodes; also my heart rate and my skin (sweat) were being measured.
(See also here.)
I’m not officially a guinea pig, I took part in this experiment “hors concours”, but about 100 readers (probably more) will be measured while reading my new novella.
Psychiatric patients, people who drink more than 27 glasses of alcohol a week, or people with reading glasses are excluded.
One of the researchers said: “Your heartbeat is a bit fast.”
After that I went to the hospital and I said to my mother: “Perhaps tomorrow I will be in the bed next to you. My heartbeat is very fast.”
“Yes, you need to see a doctor,” she answered.

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