Arnon Grunberg



“The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance” is the subtitle of Iñárritus movie “Birdman”. This movie and the subtitle shall be discussed another time.
Tonight a friend invited me to see the play “4:48 Psychosis” by Sarah Kane, performed by TR Warszawa, in St. Ann’s Warehouse.
I’m not familiar with Kane’s work. After the play we discussed Sarah Kane at a cozy Mexican Restaurant on Jay Street.
My friend said: “The play is based on a suicide note.”
“Whose suicide note?” I asked.
“Sarah Kane’s suicide note,” my friend said.
“But Kane is still alive isn’t she?” I replied.
Well, Kane committed suicide in 1999. Ignorance is not always an unexpected virtue but it can prolong the conversation.
The actors didn’t come back on stage after the play to bow and take the applause, which is an excellent idea. Certain plays should end without bowing.

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