Arnon Grunberg



The dry cleaner misplaced one of my shirts; it happened to be one of my favorite shirts but from a Jungian perspective this is probably no coincidence.
The lady at the dry cleaner’s said that she needed the original ticket in order to do more research. Of course I didn’t have the original ticket anymore, it took me a few days to discover that the shirt didn’t make it back home.
The lady at the dry cleaner’s said that she was going to start an investigation nevertheless. Shortly after this incident – if “incident” is the right word, nobody was killed after all – the dry cleaner misplaced a pair of pants and another shirt of mine.
The lady said: “We gave it to somebody else, but we will get it back. Give us three days.”
I didn’t make a big fuss about it; you should give your clothes to those who need it most.

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