Arnon Grunberg


Salt Lake City

Monday evening, Newark – a Delta ground stewardess announced: “This is the last plane to Atlanta leaving tonight, there are no more planes to Atlanta tonight. There won’t be any flights out of Newark tomorrow. If don’t have a seat on the plane to Atlanta we can put you on the plane to Salt Lake City, and from Salt Lake City we can try to get you to Atlanta. If you need to be in Atlanta soon and you don’t have a seat on the plane to Atlanta leaving now try to get yourself a seat on the plane to Salt Lake City.”
There was one more plane leaving Newark that evening, the Delta flight to Amsterdam.
I’m not sure if the students in Amsterdam this afternoon were surprised or even happy to see me. Today a game expert came to my class to talk about games, I had the feeling that some of the students were underwhelmed. Maybe they were tired or as game studies students they just knew too much.
A game offers the players a magic circle. Yes, a blizzard is also a magic circle. And in the best moments of my life I have the sensation that I’m a magic circle myself. But these moments are rare – I have to admit.

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