Arnon Grunberg



Dear reader,
My students at the University of Amsterdam are currently creating an urban game, it’s a shortcut but let’s say that this is a computer game in "reality".
In order to play this game we need for a day or two one hundred and fifty devices (smartphones). The player will listen to sound while walking through the city of Amsterdam. Of course, players could download the app on their own smartphones, but some people don’t have a smartphone. And the experience taught us that if you want to play the game as smoothly as possible it’s better to work with devices that have been prepared by the game makers.
Could you help with one hundred and fifty smart phones for a day or two? Maybe you work for Apple, Vodafone or T-Mobile, maybe you know people who can help us.
Maybe you are in the mood for a good deed before Valentine’s Day?
Perhaps you want to be able to tell your wife: “Arnon Grunberg owes me. If you need him, just let me know, since I helped him out with one hundred and fifty smartphones he is my slave.”
Anyhow, we will never forget your help; we will be as loyal to you as the Red Army was to Lenin and Trotsky.
Please, send a mail to I will forward your mail to the students.

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