Arnon Grunberg



I’ve been embedded with the Bundeswehr (German Army), Dutch army, US Army, I’ve been embedded with patients in psychiatric hospital, with a psychiatrist, with the cleaning staff in a hotel in Bavaria, in the dining car on Swiss trains, with a masseur in Romania – several masseurs – now I would like to be embedded in a nursing home for a series of articles, first printed in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad.
I’m especially interested in palliative care, but all aspects of the nursing home are of interest to me.
Being embedded means in this case: working with the staff, helping as much as possible, participating. The embed would last seven to ten days. I don’t think I’m afraid of excrements, and if so I’ll overcome my fear.

Are you the director of a nursing home? Are you willing to have me in your nursing home for ten days? (We are talking about the end of August 2018.) Support of freedom of the press would make the collaboration easier.

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