Arnon Grunberg



An evening with my friend P at the Park Avenue Armory, "The Damned", directed by Ivo van Hove. I've never seen the movie, the play was outstanding.

Ben Brantley in NYT:

The show’s dominant conceit, though, is that of an ongoing requiem, for a people unwittingly taking part in a long funeral procession to their own graves. And without giving away the show’s most harrowing imagery — a superlative for which there’s plenty of competition — I should warn you that these are not quiet graves.

Read the review here.

A long funeral procession to their own graves, sounds familiar?

We are busy to shorten the procession to our own graves. Whether that is good or not is a matter of taste. Where politics has become entertainment convictions will eventually turn out to be tasteful or less tasteful, depending on who you ask.

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