Arnon Grunberg

Bad hand


Fawlty Towers in the Eifel continues.
Park Hotel in Bad Bertrich is rather pleasant, but for some reasons the chambermaid refuses to clean our room.
On Wednesday she knocked on the door around 9:30 a.m. and I asked her: “Could you come back a little bit later?”
She never came back.
On Thursday she even didn’t bother to knock on the door. I saw her in the hallway and she said: “Good morning.”
I didn’t dare to complain because the women at the front desk are rather intimidating, and forgive me for being a coward, but this is not the time of the year to be intimidated.
Tomorrow I will buy some toilet paper and perhaps even a few towels.
I don’t expect service anymore.
The dealer dealt me a bad hand, that’s life, I will continue the game with this bad hand.
Service, no service, doesn’t matter. Everything but eviction makes me happy.
Or as they say: “Etwas besseres als den Tod findest du überall.”

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