Arnon Grunberg

Tasks in life

The Nazi

One of my favorite places for lunch in New York is Nicole’s on 60th street.
Today a kind waiter over there informed me that Nicole’s will be closing on December 27th for more than a year.
Also my agent told me that I should get rid of my accent if I wanted to reach old Jewish ladies in the US.
Now this might sound arrogant but I do think that it's very possible that I'm the only hope for old Jewish ladies in South-Dakota, Montana and New Mexico.
My father by the way spoke perfectly Dutch but with such a heavy German accent that people referred to him as “the Nazi” in shops and department stores in Amsterdam.
Anyhow my tasks in life for the coming weeks are very clear: looking for a new place for lunch and looking for a speech therapist. In a perfect world I would be able to combine these two things.