Arnon Grunberg

Three months


In 2021 or 2022, that's not sure yet, I will start a contemporary religious community near Oklahoma City in the US and at the same time in Almere, The Netherlands.
The temporary religion will be called GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) and all followers will have a white goat at their disposal. The religion will last for three months.
(To all animal activists: the white goats will be treated better than most human beings, they will not be slaughtered, they are under my protection and they will die peacefully at the end of their lives. To all human rights activists: all followers will be treated with decency and respect, psychiatrists, psychologists, musical therapists and couple therapist are on the premisses.)
A first preview of this temporary religious community will be organized in May 2020 in the former Film Museum in Amsterdam under the title: 48 hours GOAT.
To all future followers of 48 hours GOAT: it is advisable to visit restaurant La Calabria, Polderstraat 2 in Zelzate, Belgium.
This weekend I had two visions, that all followers will have their own white goat, thanks to my godson, who participated in this vision. And that all followers of 48 hours GOAT need to visit La Calabria in Zelzate. It's a place where enlightenment will come easier than in most other places.
Please, keep in mind that the temporary religion GOAT didn't come to this world to make fun of other religions. Quite the opposite, GOAT is here to see where the religious community ends and where the social-psychological experiment, therapy, art, and clownery start.
Keep in mind, God is not dead, God is GOAT. At least for three months in 2021 or 2022 and for 48 hours next spring.

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