Arnon Grunberg


If you come back

This afternoon my French teacher and I were reading an article in Le Monde on Carla Bruni-Tedeschi, the significant other of the president of France, Mr. Sarkozy.
The author compared the lives of the Bruni-Tedeschi’s with Bassani’s beautiful novel “The garden of the Finzi-Contini’s”. Not without reason.
In another article the rumor was mentioned that Sarkozy had sent a text message to his ex-wife eight days before the wedding: “If you come back I’ll cancel everything.” Meaning: the marriage with Carla Bruni.
I would have done this differently; I would have written: “I still hesitate, but if you come back I would go full speed ahead.” There are indications that Mr. Sarkozy is losing his mind. But he is very colorful, compared to most European leaders.