Arnon Grunberg


Racial background

Finally I arrived in LA -- tomorrow Michael Silverblatt is going to interview me.
In the spring of 2001 I traveled to LA, back then I was also being interviewed by Michael Silverblatt, for “Silent Extras” that was.
In 2001 I was traveling at my own expenses. I stayed at a hotel in LA where a famous person had committed suicide. I cannot remember the name of the hotel, nor can I remember the name of that famous person.
Now I’m at The Standard. I love the signs The Standard puts on its toilet paper. Every hotel and B&B should put this sign on its toilet paper.
After dinner I met with my friend Tommaso. He took me to a place called the Edison.
The bouncer there wanted to my see my ID.
Of course I didn’t have an ID on me (I don’t have a driver’s license.)
This bouncer was willing to let me in. But he had to inspect my face first. He came very close as if he was going to kiss me.
Then he asked: “What’s your racial background?” “Well,” I said, “I’m Caucasian.” “No,” he said. “Are you from the Ukraine? Are you Russian?” Sometimes I really identify with New York and I’m so happy to live there.