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On sex and children – Harper’s index:

‘Portion of single Americans who have had sex since the coronavirus pandemic began
January 2021 • Source: Match (Dallas)
Portion of those single Americans whose sexual partner was a roommate with whom they were not in a relationship
January 2021 • Source: Match (Dallas)
Percentage of users on Hinge, a dating app, who would enter an exclusive relationship with someone they had only met virtually
January 2021 • Source: Hinge (NYC)
Estimated percentage of weddings planned for a date between March and August last year that were rescheduled
January 2021 • Source: The Knot Worldwide (Washington)
That were canceled entirely
January 2021 • Source: The Knot Worldwide (Washington)
Estimated value of loans taken out by U.S. couples for canceled 2020 weddings
January 2021 • Source: Loanry (Newport Beach, Calif.)
Amount of money that Singapore is offering couples who have a baby during the pandemic
January 2021 • Source: Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore
Portion of pregnant women with COVID-19 whose symptoms last for more than two months
January 2021 • Source: Yalda Afshar, University of California, Los Angeles
Number of children the Trump Administration separated from their parents at the border whose parents have yet to be located
January 2021 • Source: ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project (NYC)
Estimated portion of those parents who have been deported without their children

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Without jumping to conclusions, the wedding industry is alive and kicking.

The wedding industry is also the closest thing we have to potlatch.

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