Arnon Grunberg



A high school in Helmond.
Approximately three groups of 60 students interviewed me, in the presence of a few of their teachers.
The first group was very polite, rather quiet. No transgression at all.
The second group turned out to be slightly more straightforward.
In the third group a young man asked: ‘Why do you think are we supposed to immerse ourselves in your person and your work? Are you an important author, and if so, why are you important? Do you belong to a specific literary movement?’

‘Good question,’ I answered, ‘you cannot say about yourself that you are an important author, other people might claim that, but that’s something else. I’m afraid I’m canonized, not completely but still. As long as authors are alive they must fight for their own good against canonization. With your help I might win the fight.’

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