Arnon Grunberg



A letter in LRB:

'David Runciman suggests that Peter Thiel is like Joe Pesci in Goodfellas, ‘a man who will stab you in the eye with a ballpoint pen if you cross him’ (LRB, 23 September). That’s Joe Pesci in Casino. When crossed in Goodfellas, he kicks a man half to death, stuffs him in the trunk of a car and stabs him with a carving knife before burying him in a shallow grave.
Timothy Knapman Weybridge, Surrey'

Read letter and article here.

It's not easy, but I prefer the Pesci in Casino. A ballpoint in the eye is pailful, but the other option seems to me even less desirable.

On a different note: I can imagine that Peter Thiel would be mildly flattered by this comparison.

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