Arnon Grunberg


Essential truths

Nicholas D. Kristof is the only NYT columnist who still writes regularly about Guantánamo Bay. In Monday’s International Herald Tribune he remarks: ‘A third powerful new book about Guantánamo, by an American lawyer named Steven Wax, is summed up by its title: "Kafka Comes to America."
The new material suggests two essential truths about Guantánamo: First, most of the inmates were probably innocent all along, but Pakistanis or Afghans turned them over to America in exchange for large cash rewards. The moment we offered $25,000 rewards for Al Qaeda supporters, any Arab in the region risked being kidnapped and turned over as a terrorism suspect.
Second, torture was routine, especially early on. That's why more than 100 prisoners have died in American custody in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantánamo.’

Unfortunately compared to the prison facilities at let's say Bagram Airbase Guántanamo Bay might still be a positive exception.
The discussion about Guántanamo Bay is important but it should not stop there.
Why not look at prison facilities in the US proper as well?