Arnon Grunberg


Birthday party

My godson’s birthday is on July 21. Today he celebrated his birthday with a small but convivial party.
First we ate pastries in the Pompadour, an excellent pastry shop. There were two other children and about ten adults.
Then we went to see “Kung Fu Panda.” It was my godson's biggest wish to see “Kung Fu Panda” since Kung Fu Panda entered his life.
On this balmy afternoon the theatre was almost empty.
After the break the theatre experienced a blackout. We waited for more than twenty minutes, during which the three children acted as if they all were Kung Fu Panda themselves. Then we gave up, the children and mothers went to a playground and I went back to my hotel.
It was a happy birthday party, even though I can only guess what the ending of “Kung Fu Panda” will be.